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Legislative Advocacy

A network of optometrists across the state are needed to maintain professional relationships in each Senate and House District. The TOA, along with numerous local society leaders, have highly knowledgeable leaders who coordinate specific political activities, track contributions and provide information on legislative issues. 

As we all know, optometry is a legislated profession. It means that the entire scope of practice for optometrists across the nation is dependent on bills passed at the state and federal level.

Approximately 5% of all OD’s in Texas are working around the clock (before, during, and after their normal job) to build long lasting political connections in order to further the profession of optometry on your behalf!

As our profession is advancing, a movement must occur every year in order for Optometrists to perform at the highest level. When healthcare bills are sponsored and presented on the house and senate floor, friends of optometry along with ALL OD’s must fight tooth and nail to defend our interests as primary eye care providers and continue progressing forward.


  • Your profession’s reputation and integrity depends on it!
  • Your scope of practice depends on it. 
  • Your 8+ years of education is being limited.
  • The number of patient you can help is being limited.


Just like everything, money is needed to fund pro-optometry campaigns. Below you will find different ways to contribute to OUR profession:

Direct Contribution – The most effective way to support your profession is by contacting your current or future state/national representation, speaking to them about your concerns, and donating to their campaign.

Anonymous Contribution – Contributions are public records. This is why some choose to be anonymous for many reasons. Texas Optometric Political Action Committee (TOPAC) is here to support statewide legislative efforts on your behalf. American Optometric Association Political Action Committee (AOA-PAC) is here to support nationwide legislative efforts on your behalf.



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Click here for more information!

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